1 Year – One Giant Leap

My Darling Baby Boy,

Today was your first birthday, and it was spectacular. Despite being 2,100 miles away from where you were born and not yet living in our new home, your mom organized the best party EVER for you. There were decorations, cake, singing, presents, lots of playing, Grandma GiGi and Grandpa Bill were there, and to top it off, you walked!!!! You took your first steps (3, then 5, right into mommy’s arms) and it was absolutely magical. I cannot tell you how proud and amazed I am at you today. You grew up right before my very eyes. Even though it was only 1 day it felt like you grew up a full year. You’re smart, energetic, happy, gentle, curious, fearless, loving, the list is endless.

I am so humbled to have been a part of your life for these past 12 months; I could not have asked for anything more. You’ve taken your first steps on your own in this world. As you take more and venture into the unknown, please know that I will be there to guide you, encourage you, comfort you, heal you, protect you, lift you, catch you, and love you. You will explore your world with reckless abandon, but you can feel safe knowing that I will always be there when you need me.

Happy Birthday.

I love you.


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