2 Months – Eyes Wide Open

My Wonderful Son,

They told me time flies when you have children and they were more right than I ever thought possible. It really doesn’t seem like two months have passed since I first laid eyes on you and proclaimed triumphantly, “It’s a boy!”. Regardless of my perception of time, watching how much you’ve grown tells me it has been at least 2 months.

I wrote last month about how I started to feel a connection with you and how I wanted to explore it further. Now? That connection is solid. I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been, how much I’ve loved every minute of it. You make eye contact with me and smile. You “talk” to me, both with your mouth and your wonderfully expressive eyes. After my first full day back at work, I came home after being away from you for the longest span of time so far (9 hours). You were so happy to see me, so full of energy, and had so much to say! It was like we had a full conversation about what you and Mom did that day!

Even during the tough times I feel we’re connected. I can tell you know I have your best interests at heart, even when I can’t figure out what’s wrong right away. Feeling you settle in, nestled against my chest, calming down, and going to sleep is one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had. You know you’re safe and secure, and your hands clutching my fingers shows me how much you want me, how much you need me.

Eventually that feeling of yours will develop into a closeness called love. And I’ll be here, as I always have, and always will be to show you the feeling is mutual. Let’s keep growing together, eyes wide open.


2 thoughts on “2 Months – Eyes Wide Open

  1. Beautiful job again Christopher. You make me proud to be your Aunt. Trenton is learning how to love from you.. You are going to be an awesome teacher.Love you all.

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