To My Darling Son,

You’re eight years old today. It’s really happened in the blink of an eye but when I sit long enough and think, it’s truly been an amazing time. Because you are an amazing human. This last year I’ve seen your heart grow immensely as you’ve become a big brother yet again, and the love and care you show for both of your sisters is so touching and amazing. You’ve weathered another year of this pandemic, doing the hard things because you know they’re the right things to do to keep you, us, and everyone else safe. It’s way more than any kid should need to handle and yet you do because you care. You’ve become an incredible pianist. I’m spellbound by your uncanny ability to write songs and play fearlessly with such an open heart.

As I reflect not only on the last year but the last 8 years I’m seeing one common thread, one force that seems to be driving you: your heart. It’s so carefree, full of love, hope, ambition, caring, grace, forgiveness, happiness, and joy. That you can find the silver lining in nearly everything isn’t an accident; it’s who you are. And I want you to remember that no one – absolutely no one – can take that away from you.  You are the amazing, wonderful, beautiful manifestation of every tender emotion of humanity. And everyone is better after experiencing the joy of you. Don’t ever change.

I love you.


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