Last One.

To My Youngest Daughter and Last Child,

It’s been an entire year since you first decided to join us Earthside. On one hand that’s nearly impossible to comprehend, but on the other hand it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be. You’re walking now. WALKING. Ever so eager to join your siblings in their fun, but also because you’re so keen on exploring everything about your world! Even though I’ve been through these developmental stages twice before, your approach to things is so different that it’s almost like a brand new experience. And since it is a brand new experience for you I’m amazed and delighted as you discover all the things. As ravenous as you are to move about and find your place here you are also balanced with a sense of joy and contentment. It’s as if you’re telling us “Things are okay here. I am safe and loved here and that’s all I need.” And given the absolute chaos that surrounds the walls of our home it’s nice to have a soothing reminder that at least we are okay. I can’t think of a better way to experience my last firsts with you, proving once again that you are the exact right person to come into our lives at precisely the right time.

I love you.


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